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Key Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud for Data Platform Modernization


Strategic Data Platform Modernization

Seamlessly transition to databases that not only elevate operational efficiency and resilience but also ensure a forward-focused approach to modernization.


Efficient Data Warehouse Migration Solutions

Prepare for future demands, be they predictable operations or rapid growth spurts. Our tools and expertise simplify the migration process.


Operational Efficiency

Experience streamlined deployments and reduced maintenance. Our tools are designed to support your database modernization goals with features that make data warehouse migration a breeze.


Diverse Service Portfolio

Access an array of specialized services, from GKE's robust offerings to BigQuery's advanced analytics and Google Cloud AI. These are optimized for businesses undergoing database modernization and migration.

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Google Cloud Database Portfolio for Modernization


Dataform enables efficient building and management of BigQuery data pipelines using SQL, fostering collaboration among data teams and integrating seamlessly with GitHub and GitLab for streamlined data handling.

Cloud Composer

Leveraging Apache Airflow, this service simplifies orchestrating and managing workflows across different environments, including cloud and on-premises, with easy Google Cloud integration.


Dataflow offers unified serverless data processing for both stream and batch data, focusing on speed and cost efficiency. It provides real-time insights, automated management, and seamless scaling of resources.


A comprehensive managed service for running tools like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Presto and others, designed for efficient data lake modernization, ETL processes, and data science at scale, integrated deeply with Google Cloud for cost efficiency.


BigLake is a unified storage engine designed for querying and managing data across various formats and clouds securely and efficiently, supporting both analytics and AI engines. It optimizes data lakes with its open-format compatibility and governance features for an efficient, managed lakehouse experience.


Looker transforms business data into accessible, useful insights, enabling enhanced workflows and applications. It offers a consistent, real-time, and governed view of data across multiple clouds.


This is a serverless, straightforward change data capture (CDC) and replication service, enabling reliable data synchronization with minimal latency. It facilitates seamless data replication from various operational databases into BigQuery, and supports additional integrations for a wide range of data management and transformation needs.

BigQuery Migration Service

This service offers a complete solution for transitioning your data warehouse into BigQuery. The service provides a suite of complimentary tools catering to every stage of the migration process, such as planning, SQL translation for over 10 dialects, data transfer, and validation. These tools aim to streamline migrations, minimize risk, and accelerate the time to realize value.


A pivotal hub for data analytics, it supports businesses in their database modernization journey, delivering real-time insights to inform strategic decisions.

Cloud Bigtable

Leading in areas like personalization, adtech, and fraud detection, it’s an ideal solution for those considering database migration.

Google Cloud Partner Services

Collaborating with the best in open-source, we ensure comprehensive database solutions that are migration-ready and optimized for modernization.

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Why Aliz?

Specializing in Infrastructure, Data Analytics, AI/ML, and Application Development on Google Cloud, Aliz stands as an award winner Google Cloud Partner. With a footprint that spans globally, we've amassed extensive experience across multiple industries. This allows us to closely understand and address the specific business needs of our clients.

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At Aliz, our collaboration goes beyond just offering solutions. We ensure that our GCP offerings are optimized to provide the best return on investment. To bolster our Data/AI Development services, we provide tailored consultancy, specialized workshops, and dedicated engineering support. Our clients also benefit from our suite of tools, including accelerators, efficient blueprints, and comprehensive managed services.

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