A Transparent Journey
Our Google Cloud Migration Process Explained

Discover the well-defined phases and tangible deliverables that ensure your smooth transition to the cloud.

At Aliz, we believe in a transparent and collaborative approach to Google Cloud migration. Our process is meticulously planned and executed, with clear deliverables at each stage.
Here's how we guide your successful cloud journey:

Our Project Phases


Activities: In-depth analysis of your current IT infrastructure, application dependencies, and data security needs. Workshops and discussions to understand your business goals and migration objectives.


Activities: Collaborative development of a migration roadmap that outlines resource allocation, risk mitigation strategies, communication plans, and cost estimates. Define the migration timeline and choose the appropriate approach (lift-and-shift, lift-and-optimize, or refactoring) for each application.

Build Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Activities: Design and development of Terraform scripts to define and manage your cloud infrastructure in a repeatable and consistent manner. These scripts automate infrastructure provisioning, ensuring efficient and error-free deployments.

Migrate (Migration Waves)

Activities: Phased migration execution, utilizing advanced Google Cloud tools for secure and efficient application and data migration. We prioritize minimal downtime and optimized resource utilization throughout the process.

Post-Implementation Advisory

Activities: Proactive monitoring of migrated applications to identify optimization opportunities. We provide ongoing security guidance and recommendations to ensure your cloud environment operates at peak performance.

Key Deliverables

Technical Design Document

This comprehensive document outlines the chosen cloud architecture, application migration strategies, and post-migration optimization plans.
(Delivered after the Planning Phase)

Detailed Migration and Cutover Plan

This meticulous document outlines the sequence of migration activities, cutover procedures for transitioning from your on-premises environment to Google Cloud, and rollback strategies for handling unforeseen issues. (Delivered after the Planning Phase)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Terraform scripts that define and automate your cloud infrastructure provisioning.
(Delivered after the Build IaC Phase)

Benefits of Our Clear Process

Enhanced Transparency

Each phase provides well-defined activities and deliverables, fostering clear communication and project management.

Reduced Risks

Our structured approach minimizes potential disruption and ensures a smooth transition.

Scalability & Efficiency Transparency

Terraform-based IaC enables automated infrastructure provisioning and simplifies future scalability.

Ongoing Optimization

Our post-migration advisory ensures your cloud environment continues to operate at peak performance.

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