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Modernize Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

We deliver a tailored, secure, and scalable solution for your enterprise, leveraging the latest in data management technology. Experience enhanced decision-making and innovation with our sophisticated real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities. Rely on our proven expertise for a strategic upgrade to your data infrastructure

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Accelerate Your Google Cloud Adoption with Aliz

What we offer

Proven Expertise

Over a decade of experience and successful migration of more than 100,000 tables for 30+ enterprise clients.

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Security and Scalability

A complete solution that ensures scalability, security, and cost-efficiency, backed by Google Cloud's advanced technologies in data management.

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Digital Transformation

Beyond migration, we focus on transforming your data infrastructure into a dynamic asset that propels strategic decision-making and fosters innovation in your enterprise.

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Is Enterprise Modernization for You?


Are you facing limitations in handling increasing data volumes and complexity?

Real-time Analytics

Do challenges in real-time data processing impact timely decision-making?


Does your current solution struggle to integrate efficiently with modern data analytics tools?

Operational Costs

Are you dealing with significant maintenance costs affecting your overall IT budget?

Advanced Capabilities

Are you seeking advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that your current system does not support?

What You Get

Partner Level

Solution Level

What We Need from You

Clear Communication of Data and Business Objectives

Access to the Current Data Warehouse and Databases

Active Collaboration and Timely Feedback

Internal Resource Allocation for Migration Support

Participation in Training and Onboarding Sessions

Engagement in Post-Migration Support and Optimization

Streamlined, Secure Migration

Strong Partnership with Google Cloud

Expertise and Proven Success

Accelerators and Automation

Summary of our offering

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Key deliverables

Migration Assessment Report
Migration Plan
Data Warehouse Migration
Testing and Validation
Training and Documentation
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