How our solution innovates your business


New business opportunities

Open up new opportunities you haven’t even thought of with ML and discover new ways of problem-solving with your business data.

cost efficiency

Automation everywhere

Have your employees keep their eyes on the prize and let ML and automation take care of everything else.


Better decisions

ML can give you deeper insights than any other analytics method. Make your business decisions fact based and future proof.


Case Study

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"Serving up data across the company to ease decision making with Google Cloud to address the problems we were facing, we needed to make data globally and universally accessible, and to do this we decided to adopt the data mesh approach using Google Cloud."

Mathias Nitzsche
VP Engineering Global Data, Delivery Hero
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“The best place to work”

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Lily Woods
Creative Director
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“I love working at Startux X”

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Sam Houston
VP of Product

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How our tailor-made solutions help you



Recommendation engines

The more personalized the experience, the more likely it is that the customer will return and stay loyal to your business.

We can help you segment and better target your customers with ML. Personalize their experience and watch them turn into regulars and bring their friends!


Churn prediction

Nobody likes to be abandoned, especially if you’re a subscription-based business. The best way to prevent this is to understand why they would want to cancel in the first place.

We can identify patterns that lead to customers canceling subscriptions and make suggestions on how you can minimize churn and maximize profit instead.


Conversion rate optimization

SEO, ROI, CSO – all the important marketing and sales abbreviations seem to have three letters. Well, you can add a two-letter one to the list: ML. Not only is machine learning able to gain insights from massive amounts of data, but it can also help you monetize these insights in the form of conversions.

Revolutionize your marketing game with a top-class ML solution and beat cart abandonment and bouncing customers!


Customer support automation

The most successful companies today are the ones that provide a flawless customer experience. Being available 24/7 and providing solutions for customer inquiries is traditionally expensive and difficult to establish – but not anymore.

Our customer support and chatbot solutions use ML to understand queries and reply to them. They’re integrated into your backend to automate tasks and create a seamless experience.

How we work




After you contact us, you will meet the consultant who will be your guide during your cloud journey. You will work with an expert whose knowledge and experience match your needs the best.



You tell us about your business and have some brainstorming sessions with our team. Our engineers dig to the root of your problem and come up with a plan to solve it.


Define & Align

We define and align the project scope until we can ensure the most optimal solution, delivered with the latest technologies on the most flexible platforms.



This is where you get to see the whole team in action: we deliver the first workshop/PoC for you. You can also get a taste of our agile mindset. We keep in touch, iterate, and optimize continually.

team work


It’s up to you how your cloud journey continues. We can wrap up the development and provide consulting or we can train your team to do the rest. One thing is for sure: we’ve got your back.

Ready for the future? Let’s talk!

Reach out, and let’s take your business to the next level.