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Aliz was founded by a team of business and IT professionals with one vision in mind: to help companies prepare for a new digital age. Aliz was born in the cloud, and our team became pioneers in recognizing the role of Big Data and ML in business – so we sought out the best engineers, and worked out a holistic, agile approach to our processes.

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We are Aliz

Aliz was founded by a group of driven software engineers with one vision in mind: Build a human-centered company to solve exciting business challenges with cutting-edge technologies all around the globe.

Our team includes engineers, industry experts, and digital professionals who ensure our clients are ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing digital world.

Aliz is a proud Google Cloud Partner with specializations in Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, and Machine Learning. We deliver end-to-end cloud solutions, including infrastructure, data analytics, ML, and application development, off the shelf or custom-built on GCP using an agile, holistic approach.

Life at Aliz has been really exciting lately. We won Google Cloud’s Breakthrough Partner of the Year in APAC and the Partner of the Year Award in the Alps. Our team is expanding, with a new setup in Singapore and an engineering hub in Jakarta, and we're actively supporting IT education.

You couldn’t pick a better time to join this world-class team of cloud experts.

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Our values

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We believe in integrity, building our collegial and customer relationships on honesty and transparency.

We have the competence to do what we say, we keep our word, are able to say no, and don’t overpromise.

We act with benevolence and humility. All this results in long-term quality relationships.

We take pride in craftsmanship, conducting our work with quality and in accordance with industry best practices.

But, trusting in our expertise we are fearless in walking off the beaten track when it’s needed.

We deliver practical and smart solutions that create real value for our internal and external customers.



We prioritize openness, constantly broadening our horizons in all areas - let it be new technologies, markets, or approaches.

Not only because we understand that it’s essential to progress, in order to survive, but because we are energized, and we have fun by discovering and exploring the world.

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Drive to improve

Drive to improve for us means that we strive to innovate and evolve as a company, as professionals, and as individuals.

We embrace a flexible and self-aware mindset that allows us to iteratively adapt to new circumstances.

We value feedback and want to learn from our mistakes.



In Wonderland everything is possible.

We approach our work with passion and determination.

We are willing to take on challenges and are not afraid of difficulty or complexity.

We are committed to staying on our course, even when faced with adversity or setbacks.



We take ownership of our work, holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and failures, and celebrating the results we achieve.

We focus on end-to-end processes, meaning we voluntarily go beyond our job descriptions for common success.

We can do our best in an environment where we can be ourselves.

We value the unique strengths and perspectives that each of us brings to the table. We value fun and enjoy a positive, casual work environment.

We believe in direct communication and we are brave to speak our minds and be vulnerable, even when it may be difficult or uncomfortable.



We have a can-do attitude.
We focus on the problem to be solved as opposed to who is right or wrong.

We tackle real-world business issues by breaking them down into manageable pieces.

It doesn’t only matter that we solve something but also that we solve it efficiently, striving for automation.


Solution focus

We believe that we're better together.

We know that by combining our strengths we can achieve more - like ‘two little legos’ that fit perfectly.

We value camaraderie, supporting each other both professionally and personally in good and bad times.

We are a community hence we enjoy spending time together even outside of business hours.



Case Study

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“An organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change by assembling and packaging business capabilities (PBCs). PBCs are application building blocks that have been purchased.”

Wizz Air
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“The best place to work”

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Lily Woods
Creative Director
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“I love working at Startux X”

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VP of Product

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Aliz Leaders

Tamás Szatmári

Group CEO

Business professional with a tech background determined to bridge the gap between the two.

Balázs Molnár


Ex-Google and Uber executive with extensive experience in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

István Boscha


Tech founder who believes that IT solutions can make the world a better place.

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We help companies become future-proof with Google Cloud. Use our data, machine learning, and infrastructure solutions to automate your operations and modernize your business to drive revenue growth. We have 100 people working from our offices in Europe or Asia.



Gizella Street 42-44, 1143 Budapest,



Revenue Tower, District 8 SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53, Jakarta Selatan 12190, 27th Floor



5 Shenton Way, UIC Building #10-01,



Friedrichstraße 68, Berlin, 10117, DE



Business & Innovation Park, Unit 1305



Via Alfredo Campanini 12, Milan, 20124

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