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Aliz was founded by a team of business and IT professionals with one vision in mind: to help companies prepare for a new digital age. Aliz was born in the cloud, and our team became pioneers in recognizing the role of Big Data and ML in business – so we sought out the best engineers, and worked out a holistic, agile approach to our processes.

We are Aliz

Aliz was founded by a group of driven software engineers with one vision in mind: Build a human-centered company to solve exciting business challenges with cutting-edge technologies all around the globe.

Our team includes engineers, industry experts, and digital professionals who ensure our clients are ready to face the challenges of the ever-changing digital world.

Aliz is a proud Google Cloud Partner with specializations in Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, and Machine Learning. We deliver end-to-end cloud solutions, including infrastructure, data analytics, ML, and application development, off the shelf or custom-built on GCP using an agile, holistic approach.

Life has been pretty exciting at Aliz recently. We dealt with the Covid crisis and ended up even stronger both financially and team-wise. And we became Google Cloud’s Breakthrough Partner of the Year in APAC, built a team in Singapore and Berlin, opened an engineering hub in Jakarta, launched a business in Italy, and started to support IT education.

You couldn’t pick a better time to join this world-class team of cloud experts.

Case Study

“An organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change by assembling and packaging business capabilities (PBCs). PBCs are application building blocks that have been purchased.”

Wizz Air
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“The best place to work”

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Lily Woods
Creative Director
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“I love working at Startux X”

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Sam Houston
VP of Product


Aliz Leaders

Tamás Szatmári

Group CEO

Balázs Molnár


The most important lesson I learned during my six years at Google was that if I was not growing, I was declining. I believe that as leaders our duty is to fuel this growth both for the company and for our people. The main principle I follow is not to look for someone to join us strictly based on their past experience but more importantly on what they can learn in the future. This is standard in some of the best companies in the world but it is not easy to establish. I am very proud that we were able to build an environment at Aliz where everyone has the chance to grow in their fields of expertise whether it’s engineering, marketing, or sales. We are a small organization with the opportunities of a multinational company but without its politics and rat-race-like environment.

István Boscha


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We help companies become future-proof with Google Cloud. Use our data, machine learning, and infrastructure solutions to automate your operations and modernize your business to drive revenue growth. We have 100 people working from our offices in Europe or Asia.

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