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“An organization that delivers business outcomes and adapts to the pace of business change by assembling and packaging business capabilities (PBCs). PBCs are application building blocks that have been purchased.”

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How our tailor-made solutions help you


cost efficiency

Seats Sold and No Show prediction

Cost optimization is crucial in travel, and especially for airlines. The 'no show' phenomenon is one of the most common problems. How many seats should you oversell for a specific flight? How do you make sure that you have no empty seats, and no passengers are left behind? The devil is in the data. 

Our cloud solutions for travel can take all historical passenger data into account, group passengers by multiple factors, and predict with accuracy the rate of no shows.


Customer support automation

The most successful companies today are the ones that provide a flawless customer experience. Being available 24/7 and providing a prompt solution for customer inquires were traditionally expensive and difficult to establish-but not anymore. 

Our customer support and chatbot solutions use machine learning to understand queries and reply to them. They are integrated into your backend to automate tasks and create a seamless experience.


Ancillary recommendations

The data is already there you just need to use it well. Get a 360°view of your customers and tailor your offers to each one's needs. Our experience shows that personalization can increase ROI by as much as 20%. 

And with today's competition between travel companies, and the rise of omnichannel machine learning solutions help you get your message to the right people at the right time on the right platform.


Infrastructure solutions

Constant availability is a key factor in the travel industry. From booking to the end of the journey, at every single step, et every single disruption, you have to be the first there to help.

With Aliz's cloud infrastructure solution, you can be available 24/7 with zero downtime-your customers are going to appreciate it. And the cherry on top: You can do so by also cutting back on costs. Let's chat and find out how moving to the cloud could help you.

What happens after you contact us


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You will meet a consultant who will be your guide in your cloud journey.

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Our engineers dig to the root of your problem and come up with an action plan.

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Define & Align

We define and align the project scope until we can ensure the most optimal solution.

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We deliver the first workshop/PoC for you. We keep in touch, iterate and optimize constantly.

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It’s up to you how your cloud journey continues. We can wrap up the development and provide consulting or we can train your team to do the rest. One thing is for sure: we’ve got your back.

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