GenAI in a Box

Discover how GenAI is breaking new ground in data management, application development, and customer service.

Dive deeper into the frontier of AI technology with showcases on Document AI, Vertex AI Gemini API, and Conversational AI, unveiling their transformative potential in real-world applications.

Date and time: 19 June, 2024 | 4-5 PM (CET)

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Topic I.

Streamline Data Extraction with Generative AI

Utilize Google Cloud's Document AI to seamlessly extract structured data from various documents, including forms and invoices. This solution not only simplifies data extraction but also enriches it with AI-generated summaries that emphasize key information, enhancing the utility and accessibility of data.

Topic II.

Vertex AI Gemini API: Practical Applications

Experience the practical benefits of Vertex AI Gemini API through demo applications. These examples demonstrate how you can integrate sophisticated AI functionalities into your systems, enhancing both development and operational efficiency on Google Cloud.

Topic III.

Conversational AI with Vertex AI and DialogFlow

Experience how this technology enables the creation of intelligent virtual agents that can interact dynamically with users, improving both engagement and information retrieval.

Explore how Generative AI can transform your data management, application development, and customer service.

Join our webinar to see how these practical implementations that can elevate your business processes.

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