Let's kick off 2024 together

We've just wrapped up an amazing week, jet-setting from the lively GenAI Event and the strategic Partner Kick Off in Munich over to the Twin Kick Off Event in Zurich for Alps as well as the CEE version in Warsaw.

In this article, we delve into the highlights of our participation in these events, shedding light on the exciting prospects that lie ahead for our partnership in 2024.
google event

GenAI event in Munich

Our active involvement in the Google event was marked by a dynamic kickoff featuring a comprehensive Google overview unveiling the latest advancements in GenAI features, tools, and models on VertexAI. The event drew a packed audience of 200-250 attendees, and notably, our representation on the partner side was robust, with 20-25 individuals.

Our breakout session, titled "How GenAI Shapes Enterprise Architecture," initially catered to a more technically inclined audience than anticipated. In response, we swiftly transitioned from a business-oriented to a tech-focused approach, successfully maintaining audience engagement throughout.

An interesting takeaway was that the majority of attendees found themselves in the midst of defining use cases and exploring Proof of Concept (PoC).

Following the breakout session, networking and booth interactions provided valuable opportunities to engage with individuals keen on delving deeper into our offerings. These conversations allowed for detailed discussions on their use cases and paved the way for exploring potential collaboration steps.

google event

Partner Kick-off Munich

Google's Kickstart '24 event showcased its 2024 strategy to partners, led by Google Cloud sales and partner leadership. The Opening Keynote by Adaire Fox-Martin and Kevin Ichpurani outlined key priorities: GenAI, data quality, and new logos.

GenAI represents Google's commitment to next-gen artificial intelligence, aiming to drive innovation and efficiency. Data quality underscores the importance of reliable data for informed decisions. New logos symbolize Google's ongoing transformation and growth.

The day concluded with a Networking Reception, fostering collaboration among partners. Kickstart '24 equips partners with a concise understanding, setting the stage for success in the dynamic tech landscape of 2024.


Partner Kick-off Zurich

We had the opportunity to spend our morning with the ALPS Corporate team, and listen to their insightful kickoff session. It was nice to see that our goals for 2024 are aligned, and as a focus partner, we are looking forward to cooperating as closely as possible, by generating demand, closing deals, and solving our mutual customers’ business challenges together, utilising GCP.

We also participated in the ALPS Partner Kickoff session in the afternoon, where we got first-hand information on Google’s strategy for the upcoming year in Austria and Switzerland. We had the honour to present one of our many joint customer success, and demonstrate how we can speed up time to value with Google Cloud through our Data Warehouse Migration expertise. The day concluded with networking, and we cannot be more motivated and excited to make 2024 an even more successful year in the region.

google event

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