2024 March

Success Stories

lkw walter


The BigQuery-powered Data Warehouse allows LKW WALTER for efficient data management, reduced time to market, optimized costs, and operational efficiency, thanks to innovative Transportation solutions.

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Migrating MANOR’s Data Warehouse from Oracle to Google Cloud resulted in significant yearly cost savings for the customer, while real-time data enables them to make faster data-driven decisions, more efficiently, which is crucial in the Retail sector.

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delivery hero logo

Delivery Hero

With a BigQuery-powered data mesh, Delivery Hero makes data accessible to teams across the company, enabling them to deliver data-driven solutions faster and leverage data for machine learning.

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bon prix

Bon Prix

Migrating their Data Warehouse from Teradata to Bigquery makes it easier and faster for bonprix to analyze and integrate the data for machine learning, while contributing to significant cost savings.

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The streamlined Data Warehouse migration enhanced workflow efficiency for trivago, and sets the stage for future advancements with Google Cloud, so they can seamlessly operate in the dynamic online travel industry.

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