Success Stories of 2023

This video showcases our joint success stories from all our regions, highlighting the remarkable milestones achieved through collaboration and dedication.

success stories


bon prix

GERMANY - bonprix
Aliz provided bonprix with a successful Dataflow pipeline project, addressing the challenge of scaling on-prem Flink data pipelines. The team delivered best practices, samples, and a working prototype, showcasing technical expertise and fostering a satisfied customer relationship.



APAC - scoot
Aliz addressed Scoot’s data warehouse scaling issues, enhancing team proficiency, and improving adoption through strategic guidance, resource supplementation, and the development of a transformation tool for data accuracy.



APAC - Ajaib
Aliz conducted application and infrastructure modernization for Ajaib by designing and supporting the migration of 3 application groups to Google Cloud. They provided technical consultancy and enablement, and ensured data security and scalability.



CEE - Bitrise
With its FinOps tool, Rabbit, Aliz provided an organisational and service-level overview of Bitrise’s costs, so they could make their operations more efficient. It is one of Rabbit’s most important goals to bring cost transparency.


APAC - Prudential
Aliz, together with the local team, migrated 2 of Prudential’s applications to Google Cloud. Aliz conducted the assessment, design, and wrote the Infrastructure as a Code to deploy the infrastructure, on which the customer built up the apps.


Aliz delivered a valuable project to enhance Enova's email ticketing system. It covered email classification, sentiment analysis, and summarisation, providing a ML improvement plan and future recommendations for increased efficiency in customer service.



FRANCE - Talarian
Aliz provided crucial support to Talarian, ensuring a successful migration from Java 8 to 17. With expertise and consultancy, Aliz facilitated a time-critical transition, utilising Cloud Endpoint Framework and Spring Security for optimal results, future-proofing Talarian's products.



ALPS - Bauhaus
Aliz explored and evaluated diverse data sources for demand forecasting in Bauhaus’ webstore. Leveraging expertise, Aliz' ML team proposed improvements, optimising forecasting models for more accurate results in warehouse capacity management.

delivery hero logo

GERMANY - Delivery Hero
In collaboration with Delivery Hero’s teams, Aliz addressed the challenge of providing a "cache" layer in front of Delivery Hero’s BigQuery data warehouse, in order to improve the speed of delivering data for applications.



CEE - Vodafone
Aliz streamlined Vodafone Hungary's transition to 4iG, ensuring efficient decision-making. Through Looker and Dataplex, Aliz enhanced data visualisation, reduced report creation time, and established seamless data lineage for improved performance.



CEE - Carussel
Aliz streamlined Carussel's GA4 data integration into BigQuery, creating a cost-efficient solution with a Consolidated View. This view, customizable with dimensions, enables easy reporting for diverse brands and countries, enhancing business decisions and cost control.


GERMANY - Trivago
Aliz accelerated trivago's migration to Google Cloud, developing tools for seamless data transfer, SQL checking, and automation. They provide essential support in workflow migration, data ingestion, and ML guidance, for optimal GCP utilization.


ALPS - Manor
Aliz collaborated with Manor to replace their Oracle Data Warehouse with a GCP-based solution, enhancing efficiency and scalability. The joint effort involved redesigning the data model, optimising workflows, and migrating critical pipelines for near real-time data loading.


GERMANY - ResearchGate
Aliz automated ResearchGate's Google Cloud foundation, developing Infrastructure as Code templates for seamless project management, security features, and a successful lift-and-shift migration, enhancing efficiency and reducing workload provisioning time.

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