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10 things we definitely won't forget about 2023

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December 21, 2023
Aliz Team
Aliz Team
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10 things we definitely won't forget about 2023

As we approach the end of this year, we take a moment to reflect on the memorable moments of 2023. Which one is your favorite?

#1 Partner of the Year Award

We take great pride and feel honored to have received the recognition of 'Partner of the Year 2023 for Services in Alps' from Google. This marks the second occasion that Aliz has earned this distinction, following our previous recognition in 2019 when Google named us the 'Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year for the Asia Pacific region'.

Aliz Partner of the Year Award 2023

#2 First Aliz Rafting and yet another company Skiing Trip

Aliz is a company where colleagues don't mind spending time together outside of work as well. Nothing proves this better than the Aliz Skiing Trip at the beginning of the year or the First Aliz Rafting & Canyoning & Ziplining in September.

Aliz Rafting team photo

#3 Future IT professionals in Aliz Wonderland

As dedicated supporters of IT education, we are incredibly proud to have hosted over 70 aspiring IT students in our office this year! It's been a pleasure providing them the opportunity to experience real workplace conditions and get inspired.

Future IT professionals visiting Aliz Budapest office

#4 ForbesCloud50

Meeting several predefined criteria, Aliz made it to the #ForbesCloud50. The list includes the best-performing local (Hungarian) cloud-based companies, therefore this recognition not only showcases our true dedication to delivering top-notch solutions, but also proves all the hard work our teams do.


#5 UltraBalaton 2023 running race

A year can't pass by with Aliz not participating in the #ultrabalaton running race (211 km around the largest lake in Central Europe). This was the case in 2023 as well when not one but TWO teams participated in the event, running a total of 422 km.

UltraBalaton 2023 Aliz team

#6 Rabbit on Google Cloud Marketplace

Rabbit, our cloud cost optimization product, was born out of the necessity to automate and scale our knowledge without the need for continuous engineering involvement. We are immensely proud that a few months after its official launch it became available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Rabbit logo

#7 Annual Team Building

Staying true to our traditions, we held our Annual Team Building in 2023 as well. This time, one event was organized for the APAC team who traveled to Thailand for 2 days, while the Europe team spent 1,5 days at Bátor Tábor (more photos on our Instagram page)!

Annual team Building Europe

Annual team Building APAC

#8 Aliz Values

In 2023, we also worked on identifying those core values that have shaped our approach to work and our interactions with each other since the very foundation. One of our key principles is ‘transparency’ which is supported by - among others - the recently launched monthly CEO newsletter. Find the rest on the About us page.

newsletter of Aliz CEO

#9 67 Google Certificates and Credentials

Speaking of our values, in the spirit of self-development, over the course of 2023, our team acquired 67 Google Certificates and Credentials. Not to mention the valuable time we spent on English, German, and Bahasa language classes, soft skill training or counseling sessions.

67 Google Certificates and Credentials

#10 Engineering hub in Jakarta

From establishing our entity to opening an office in Jakarta, the journey of scaling up our Indonesian team was pretty exciting this year, many more challenges and adventures to come in 2024!

Engineering hub in Jakarta
Aliz Team
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