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5 Good Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse

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November 5, 2018
Aliz Team
Aliz Team
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5 Good Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse

How much do you know about data warehouse migration to the Cloud? Have you ever considered it? Do you know about the benefits of a cloud-based data warehouse? Let us help you out.

The world of cloud-based Data Warehouses

Does your company have a windmill in the parking lot? A nuclear reactor in the basement? A water well in the office kitchen? Of course not. So why then would you operate your own data warehouse? It takes a lot of work. You need tons of hardware, a capacity plan, and a highly skilled team to fulfill your Big Data needs. But what if there’s a better solution?

Imagine a world where all your data is together in one place and available to your end users without you needing any special knowledge. You can forget about the expensive costs to upkeep a data center like office space, servers, power, cooling systems, networks, storage, and a team of experts to run it. In this world, you never have to worry about limited resources; you get as much capacity as you need to store and query your data. And on top of this, you only pay for what you use.

Well, that’s the world of cloud-based data warehouses. Sounds appealing, right? Now, let me walk you through the benefits of data warehouse migration, one by one.

1. A cloud-based data warehouse is AFFORDABLE.

Yes, you heard it right. Cloud-based data warehouses are affordable. The set-up costs are far less than what you spend on keeping up your own data warehouse.

  • First, you don’t have to spend a penny on infrastructure management. In fact, you don’t need system administrators and employees for monitoring and hardware.
  • Second, you don’t have to buy hardware for full capacity. The Cloud adapts to your needs and you only pay for the space you use, even if your requirements change quickly.
  • Third, you can forget about spending money on data warehouse tool development. Google Cloud Platform offers you several complex services such as BigQuery, Dataflow, and PubSub. Basically, they have an excellent service for almost anything you can imagine.
  • Lastly, you will tap directly into the innovation flow of Google. BigQuery ML enables users to create and execute machine learning (ML) models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries. You no longer need data scientists to deal with ML tools; anyone who can write a simple SQL query can make forecasts with this tool.
5 Good Reasons to Move to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse

2. A cloud-based data warehouse is SCALABLE.

When you’re working on a cloud-based data warehouse, all your business data is scalable. That is to say, it can handle huge amounts of data without a problem. Remove the headache of planning for data warehouse capacity and reach for infinity with elastic capacity scaling that has no limit.

3. A cloud-based data warehouse is PERFORMANT.

With a nicely developed cloud-based data warehouse, you can analyze the happenings of the past hour. You can immediately react to sudden changes in demand or supply. Take for instance a scenario when one of your products is suspiciously low in demand. With real-time campaign management, you can immediately react. You can also create personalized offers for online customers, based on their interests.

4. A cloud-based data warehouse is SECURE.

Yes, they are. Even if you’ve heard they’re not, cloud-based data warehouses are secure. Your data is secured by the world’s top engineers at Google. It’s all in their hands. You don’t have to worry about security issues. Stop worrying about data theft or an overload attack. Relax, Your data is protected by multiple security layers with a fine-grained, individual-level access control.

Interested in knowing more about security? Watch this video.

5. And lastly, a cloud-based data warehouse is ROBUST.

By robust, I mean that the burden of keeping your warehouse constantly available isn’t on you anymore. Your provider makes sure everything works smoothly with 99.9% availability and no scheduled downtime.

So, to recap…

There are several long-term benefits of data warehouse migration. Cloud-based data warehouses are not only affordable, but they are also scalable, performant, secure, and robust. Instead of struggling with housing your data, why not focus on using that data to find valuable business insights or to develop innovative ML models? Just as you don’t operate your own nuclear reactor, why would you want to operate your own data center?

Ready for a change? Migrate your data warehouse to the cloud or set up a brand new one with us.

*Interested in learning more? Check out our solutions and learn more about our cloud-based data warehouse projects.*

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Aliz Team
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