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Delivery Hero & Aliz: Aligning with the Future of Data-Driven Enterprises

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February 7, 2024
Aliz Team
Aliz Team
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Delivery Hero & Aliz: Aligning with the Future of Data-Driven Enterprises

The landscape of data-driven enterprises is rapidly evolving. McKinsey's insights shed light on this future, highlighting key characteristics such as integrated data decision-making, real-time data processing, and automated data management. These trends are not just theoretical; they are already being embraced by forward-thinking companies like Delivery Hero.

McKinsey's Vision: Characteristics of a Data-Driven Enterprise

  1. Data Integration in Decisions: Future businesses will seamlessly embed data into every decision and process.
  2. Real-Time Data Processing: The ability to process and deliver data in real-time will be a standard.
  3. Flexible Data Storage: Diverse database types will enable more efficient data handling.
  4. Data as a Product: Data will be managed and supported like a product, with focused teams.
  5. Expanded Role of Chief Data Officers: CDOs will take on strategic, value-generating roles.
  6. Data-Ecosystem Memberships: Active participation in data ecosystems will become the norm.
  7. Automated Data Management: Emphasis will be on automated, secure, and resilient data management.

Background and Challenges

Optimizing Data Efficiency in a High-Stakes Environment

In the dynamic arena of online food delivery, Delivery Hero stands as a global leader, acclaimed for its efficiency and diverse offerings. Millions depend on their seamless service, underpinned by a sophisticated data management system. Facing the need for technological enhancement, Delivery Hero collaborated with Aliz, a specialist in Google Cloud solutions, to elevate their data handling capabilities to new heights.

In the high-stakes world of online food delivery, every minute counts. Delivery Hero, operating at the pinnacle of this industry, faced challenges with their data systems, struggling under the immense volume and velocity of information. For Picker Managers at Delivery Hero's warehouses, real-time data was crucial for managing inventory and logistics. However, delays in data access were hindering operational efficiency and threatening their high service standards.

The Solution

Innovative Tech Integration for Enhanced Data Access

Aliz's solution leveraged Google Cloud's advanced tools for a comprehensive overhaul of Delivery Hero's data infrastructure:

  • Cache Layer Implementation: A cache layer was introduced after BigQuery, providing fast access to frequently requested data and significantly improving retrieval times.
  • Cloud Dataflow Pipeline Development: We developed streaming Cloud Dataflow pipelines for real-time data processing, ensuring continuous, up-to-date information flow.
  • Cloud Functions Deployment: To streamline data management, Cloud Functions automated tasks like data cleanup, enhancing data integrity.
  • Cloud Firestore for Data Storage: Chosen for its performance and scalability, Cloud Firestore became the primary data storage solution, aptly handling large-scale operations.
  • This integration resonated with Gartner's trend of "Distributed Enterprise," enabling Delivery Hero to manage data efficiently across its widespread operations.

Results and Benefits

A Leap Forward in Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

The implementation marked a significant transformation in Delivery Hero's operations:

  • Enhanced Data Refresh Rates: Updates were completed rapidly, ensuring constant access to the latest information.
  • Dramatic Reduction in Query Response Times: Data retrieval times were reduced to less than a second, crucial for the fast-paced delivery environment.
  • Significant Cost Reduction: Halving the data management expenses underscored the financial efficiency of the technological upgrade.

Testimonials from Delivery Hero highlight the transformative impact of this project:

"The collaboration with Aliz marked a significant step in our data management evolution. The solutions provided have not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also offered substantial cost savings." - Senior Manager, Data Engineering, Delivery Hero

Conclusion - Delivery Hero's Path to a Data-Driven Future

Delivery Hero, in partnership with Aliz, is already making strides towards becoming a data-driven enterprise as envisioned by McKinsey. Their adoption of advanced cloud technologies and innovative data strategies exemplify the proactive steps companies are taking to prepare for the future.

For a shorter version of this case study, visit here. For more details, check out Google Cloud's Customer Stories: Delivery Hero.

The strategic moves made by Delivery Hero, with Aliz's expertise, align with key trends identified by McKinsey for data-driven enterprises of 2025. These include embedding data in every decision, real-time data processing, and flexible data storage, highlighting the foresight and modernity of Delivery Hero's approach. (Source: McKinsey & Company - The data-driven enterprise of 2025)

Glossary of Technical Terms

  • Google BigQuery: A fast, economical, and fully-managed enterprise data warehouse for large-scale data analytics
  • Cache Layer: A technology that stores frequently accessed data temporarily for quick retrieval.
  • Cloud Dataflow: A service for transforming and enriching data in stream (real-time) and batch (historical) modes.
  • Cloud Functions: A serverless execution environment for building and connecting cloud services.
  • Cloud Firestore: A flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server environment.
Aliz Team
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