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This is how you will start working on GCP as a Data Engineer at Aliz

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January 16, 2023
Aliz Team
Aliz Team
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This is how you will start working on GCP as a Data Engineer at Aliz

Do you need to have experience with Google Cloud Platform to be a Data Engineer at Aliz?

One of the most common questions we receive from candidates during the recruitment process is if they need to have experience with GCP before they start their career at Aliz as Data Engineers.

The short answer? No. :) 

In theory, the most common cloud providers offer very similar toolsets to tackle everyday business problems. If you have hands-on experience with either Azure or AWS, you’ve seen the basic logic these solutions follow. This is a good enough starting point; we can help you pick up the required knowledge on GCP in no time.  

The long answer

After a 2-3-week onboarding program, you’ll be able to work on and contribute to a real-world project. Previous experience is not a must; it only shortens the time spent in training.

What does this mean?

The onboarding program covers our end-to-end development lifecycle and equips you with the basic skills and knowledge every data engineer needs at Aliz during our day-to-day work. It starts from requirement gathering and continues through the automated infrastructure set-up to implementation and testing.

The plan has multiple parts:

1.Internal processes: The way we work is neatly summarized on an internal wiki page, updated regularly as new topics arise.

2. Google Cloud Platform: Depending on seniority and previous experience, you get a comprehensive picture of GCP and its toolset from the very basics to the more advanced topics. This virtual training is generally one week long, and includes relevant parts from the GCP Data Engineer certification program. We support our senior engineers and architects to complete the relevant certifications within one year.

3. Other tools and technologies: It happens that GCP does not provide the optimal way to solve specific problems, so we often use certain out-of-GCP tools, like Terraform, Confluent, GitHub, etc. The third week of the onboarding program is dedicated to these. 


Besides the basic program, we provide additional optional training modules based on preference, experience, project requirements, or future specialization. Some of these courses are ML Ops, Confluent (stream processing and data integration), Airflow (orchestration and data pipelines), and Dataflow (stream and batch processing).

For every module, we’ve picked the recommended self-learning materials that you can go through with the help of an experienced tech mentor. Every engineer at Aliz has a mentor responsible for their professional development. During the onboarding program, communication happens on a daily basis; the mentor coordinates and supports the learning process and is always available to answer questions.

In summary, during onboarding program an engineer will learn the following:

  • GCP access and resource management
  • Data engineering toolset on GCP
  • Data integration approaches and tools
  • Data modeling, versioning best practices in BigQuery
  • How IaC and Terraform can be leveraged
  • Batch data transformation using BigQuery and Airflow
  • How to do functional and integration testing
  • Git and CI/CD best practices

While the onboarding program is generally carried out as quickly as possible so that engineers can start working on real projects, all the courses and materials are available to cover at later as well.

Introducing the yearly learning support concept

In recent years we have introduced a new initiative to provide structure for self-development in this extremely fast-paced and busy everyday working environment. We encourage our employees to spend 100 hours yearly on learning, whether it’s a new programming language, deepening a certain specialization, or brushing up on English. This time is available to each employee to spend freely on training of their choice. 

Are you looking for new challenges? Check out our open positions and join our Data team! 

Aliz Team
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