Cloud-Based Archive Platform: Centralizing Historical Records

Benefit from a unified platform for archiving and accessing historical records. This solution automates the pre-processing and advanced labeling of media files, employing machine learning for content identification, including face, scene, and logo recognition. It's designed for both internal and public use, enhancing the versatility and accessibility of your archives.

Solution Insights


Cloud-Native Scalability

The AI-Powered Archive Solution is built on a cloud-native architecture, offering limitless storage and scalability. It adheres to industry best practices, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for media archives.


Advanced AI Automation

This solution utilizes state-of-the-art AI for automatic content identification, including face, scene, and logo recognition. This significantly reduces manual labeling effort, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in organizing and retrieving media content.


Future-Proof and Compliant

Designed to adapt to evolving business needs and emerging data monetization opportunities, the solution is adaptable and scalable. It ensures continuous updates and compliance with the latest standards, integrated with the Aliz Intelligence Platform for ongoing quality assurance.

Technical Framework


Robust GCP Integration

Utilizes Google Cloud Storage, Eventarc, Cloud Run, Google Kubernetes Engine, Firebase hosting, Vision AI, Document AI, Video AI, Natural Language AI, and Speech-to-text.

AI-Powered Archive Solution
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