Rapid Deployment and Comprehensive Control: Quickly implement the solution with ready-to-use code on Google Cloud Platform and maintain full ownership of the model and data. Manage roles, permissions, and multiple environments (development, testing, staging, etc.) efficiently.


Insightful Operation and Model Management: Gain valuable insights through a customer-facing dashboard, enhanced by Managed Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services for effective model oversight.


Seamless Infrastructure and Security: Enjoy a smooth operation with seamless model deployment within the Platform infrastructure, ensuring robust security and streamlined updates.

About the Solution


Customer-Centric Approach

Focuses on relevant communication targets to exceed current marketing results and engage customers effectively.

data journey

Multichannel Support

Offers versatile channel support, including optimal customer service assignments, specific self-serve options, and improved connection times.


Profitable Growth

Goes beyond typical campaign models to enhance customer experiences across channels, fostering profitable growth in customer relationships.

Technical Simplifications


Comprehensive Solution Suite

More than just a model, it’s a complete suite of solutions, including a built-in dashboard for campaign analysis and optimization.


Google Analytics Integration

Easily integrate with Google Analytics, allowing for the creation of custom audiences and personalized campaigns with just a few clicks.

Campaign and uplift modelling
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