Quick Start on GCP: Initiate your churn prediction project quickly with ready-to-use code and projects on Google Cloud Platform.

Data Transformation and Access: Transform GA360 events into actionable features with ready-made data pipelines and access and share features from a managed Feature Store.

Automated Model Management: Benefit from automated model retraining and deployment, and track models with Managed Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services.

Complete Ownership and Control: Maintain full control over the model and the data, along with efficient IAM management and environment handling for multiple stages (development, testing, staging, etc.).

About the Solution


Uncover unknown "pain points" through churn prediction, using machine learning to analyze both customer behavior and brand interaction.

Define Effective

Leverage domain knowledge to deliver optimal solutions based on learning from data, processes, and behaviors.

Maximize Customer

Predict churn effectively to enable targeted proactive retention strategies, tailoring marketing actions to individual customer needs for maximum impact.

Technical Simplifications

Retraining and Batch Prediction Pipelines

The Churn Prediction blueprint includes both retraining and batch prediction pipelines, enhancing the model's adaptability and effectiveness.

Integrated Experiment Tracking

Fully integrated with Managed Experiment Tracking and Kubeflow Pipeline solutions, ensuring comprehensive experiment management and pipeline efficiency.

Churn Prediction: Proactive Customer Retention and Insight
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