Quick Start on GCP: Launch quickly with a ready-to-use model on Google Cloud Platform.


Automatized Retraining & Deployment: Benefit from automated model retraining and deployment.


Ownership: Full control over both the model and data.


Efficient Operation: Automatic deployment, training, and operation with only lightweight configuration needed.

What are the benefits of predicting CLTV?

Increased Profit Focus

Identify and concentrate on the minority of customers likely to generate the majority of profits, optimizing campaign targeting.

Target Customer Identification

Predict lifetime value to target customers effectively, track their activities, and understand their impact. Utilize this data to strategize moving customers between segments.

Digitalized Marketing for Better ROI

Measure CLTV in correlation with other metrics to understand the time to recoup campaign investments. Gain more accurate predictions of optimal Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Technical Simplifications

Automated Pipelines

The CLTV blueprint offers automated predictive modeling pipelines, eliminating the need to build your own ML pipelines.


Tailor the model to your specific needs using SQL, while benefiting from the high predictive performance of AutoML.

Customer Lifetime Value
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