Quick Start on GCP: Launch immediately with ready-to-use code and projects.

Ready-Made Data Pipelines: Transform GA360 events into actionable features effortlessly.

Automatized Model Retraining & Deployment: Keep models up-to-date with minimal effort.

Experiment Tracking & Model Registry: Keep track of models with our managed services.

Ownership: Full control over the model and data.

Customer Insights: Gain insights through a customer-facing dashboard.

What are the advantages of the Season's End Product Optimizer?

Increased Revenue

Discover patterns in the product catalog to elevate sales revenue.

Controlled Discounting

Enhance the impact of sales on discounted products.

Optimal Ad Spending

Align ad spending efficiently by focusing on products that improve efficiency.

Aspects You Don't Need to Worry About


The solution estimates expected sales for upcoming periods, aiding in better planning.


Compare sales targets against forecasts for informed decision-making.

Automatic Product Selection

Automatically selects products based on the variance between targets and forecasts, streamlining the process.

Flush out end-season products
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