Rapid Deployment and Full Ownership: Quickly start with ready-to-use code and projects on Google Cloud Platform, and maintain full control over the model and data for tailored business strategies.


Seamless Operation and Insightful Analytics: Enjoy smooth integration with Platform infrastructure for hassle-free operation, complemented by insightful customer-facing dashboards for informed decision-making.


Automated Model Management and Environment Control: Benefit from automated model retraining and deployment, and manage roles, permissions, and various environments (development, testing, staging, etc.) effectively.

About the Solution

Accurate Forecasts

Implementing Aliz AI solutions in supply chain management improves the accuracy of forecasts, optimizing procurement, inventory management, transportation chains, and replenishment plans.

Fully Automated System

The entire forecasting process is fully automated and seamlessly integrated with your existing solutions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Technical Simplifications

Automated Pipelines

The Forecasting Model includes automated pipelines as part of its feature blueprint, ensuring a streamlined and efficient forecasting process.

Calculated Features

Automated pipelines ensure your features are always up-to-date and calculated using the most recent data, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of your forecasts.

Feature Store Integration

With its integration into the Feature Store, the model allows for easy distribution of features across multiple ML teams and use cases, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Forecasting Model: Strategic Insights for Business Operations
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