Rapid Deployment and Data Transformation: Launch effortlessly on Google Cloud Platform with ready-to-use code and projects, and transform GA360 events into actionable features with ready-made data pipelines.


Model Ownership and Management: Gain complete control over the model and data, and manage roles, permissions, and multiple environments (development, testing, staging, etc.) with ease.


Seamless Integration and Version Control: Access and share features from a managed Feature Store, and handle blueprint versions for consistent and up-to-date data usage.

About the Solution


Compliance and Transparency

The GA 360 feature store blueprint incorporates industry best practices in ready-to-use codes or templates, ensuring high-quality deployment on your infrastructure.


Composable Business Workflow

Standardize workflows and develop models efficiently without compromising integration, thereby managing the risk of lower ROI due to productization.


Effortless Quality Assurance

Continuous improvement and support are assured, leveraging the blueprint repository of the Aliz Intelligence Platform to keep technology up-to-date.

Technical Simplifications


Automated Pipelines

Receive pipelines as part of the feature blueprint to ensure features are always calculated using the most recent data.


Feature Store Integration

Easily distribute features across multiple ML teams and use cases via Feature Store, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

GA 360 Feature Store: Enhancing Business Insights from Google Analytics
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