Quick Start and Enhanced Management: Launch effortlessly on Google Cloud Platform with ready-to-use code, combined with comprehensive IAM management to control roles and permissions across various user and domain levels.


Streamlined Operations and Updates: Efficiently handle multiple development environments (such as development, testing, and staging), track changes, and stay updated with automatic PR updates for new versions, including essential security patches.


Secure and Efficient Infrastructure Provisioning: Adhere to the least privilege principle for heightened security, while benefiting from simplified infrastructure management through integrated provisioning as code within the solution.

About the Solution


Compliance and Transparency

Incorporates industry best practices in ready-to-use codes or templates, ensuring sustainable quality through seamless deployment on your infrastructure.


Composable Business

Standardize workflows and develop models efficiently without compromising integration, reducing the risk of lower ROI due to productization.


Effortless Quality Assurance

Continuous improvement and support with the latest technology, thanks to the blueprint repository of the Aliz Intelligence Platform.

Technical Simplifications


Customizable Deployment

One-click deployment of a customized Kubeflow cluster, all deployable with Terraform.


Security Assurance

Leveraging Google Cloud Platform's managed solutions ensures the safety of your pipeline artifacts.

Kubeflow Pipeline
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