Quick Start on GCP: Jumpstart with ready-to-use code and projects.

Ownership: Full control over the model and data.

Secure Model Publishing: Publish models securely on Platform infrastructure.

Automatic Deployment and Operation: Requires only lightweight configuration.

IAM: Manage roles and permissions at user and domain levels, or through service accounts.

Environment Management: Handle multiple environments (dev, testing, staging, etc.) and monitor activity and changes.

Blueprint Management: Efficiently manage blueprint versions.

Automatic PR Updates: Stay updated with new versions (security patches).

Security: Adhere to the least privilege principle for optimal security.

Provisioning: Benefit from infrastructure as code.

About the Solution

What are the advantages of Manufacturing Optimization?

No Domain Knowledge Required

Eliminate the need for expertise in heuristics and standard mapping functions. Success is independent of the application area or environmental conditions.

Success Across Multiple Conflicting Objectives

AI-driven optimization mitigates risks associated with conflicting objectives through iterative modeling and simulation.

Infrastructure-Agnostic Solution

Compatible with any vendor and does not require specific IoT devices or platforms, supporting various sensors irrespective of manufacturer and model.

What’s Under the Hood?

Aspects You Don't Need to Worry About

End-to-End Deployment

The Manufacturing Optimization blueprint provides a comprehensive managed solution deployment.

No Expertise Needed

Use the solution without ML expertise. Input your specific parameters, and the blueprint will handle the rest. The results are accessible via an API for easy integration with your systems.

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