Quick Start on GCP: Access ready-to-use code and projects for a swift launch.

Ready-Made Data Pipelines: Transform GA360 events into actionable features.

Managed Feature Store: Easily access and share features.

Experiment Tracking & Model Registry: Keep track of models with our managed services.

Ownership: Full control over the model and data.

Seamless Deployment: Utilize Platform infrastructure for hassle-free operations.

Customer-Facing Dashboard: Gain insights through a user-friendly interface.

IAM: Manage roles and permissions at the user and domain level, or via service account.

Environment Management: Handle multiple environments (dev, testing, staging, etc.) and monitor activity and changes.

Blueprint Management: Efficiently handle blueprint versions.

Automatic PR Updates: Stay updated with new versions (security patches).

Security: Adhere to the least privilege principle for optimal security.

Provisioning: Benefit from infrastructure as code.

About the Solution

What benefits can you expect from enhancing the efficiency of your user loyalty campaigns?

Increased Revenue

Notice a significant boost in campaign conversions.

Optimized Campaigns

Achieve improved conversions through A/B testing and optimizations.

Customized Campaigns

Enhance campaign efficiency with tailored treatment options like different messages/visuals, discounts, coupons, and free shipping.

What’s Under the Hood?

Things You Don't Need to Worry About

Customer Segmentation

Launch or customize campaigns with our segmentation tool.

Campaign Uplift Initialization

Choose your campaign for the uplift modeling solution to learn patterns and suggest optimal variations.


Identify which customers to target and with what activities for maximum impact.

Maximizing User Loyalty Campaign Efficiency
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