Quick and Efficient Start: Launch effortlessly on Google Cloud Platform with ready-to-use code, projects, and easy-to-integrate data pipelines for GA360 events.

Complete Ownership and Control: Manage models with Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services, and retain full control over both the model and data.

Seamless and Secure Operation: Deploy models within a secure, robust Platform infrastructure, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free operation with automatic deployment and minimal configuration.

Enhanced Insights: Leverage a customer-facing dashboard to gain valuable insights and drive decision-making.

What are the benefits of Media Strategy Insourcing?


Enables more efficient media budget spending.

Higher ROI

Building your own data strategy and directly purchasing media on GMP typically leads to better return on investment.

Increased Flexibility

Gain independence from third parties by owning your strategic planning and connecting directly to GMP.

Technical Simplifications

User Segmentation

Features a managed central first-party user segmentation suite: GA360 commonly used ML features and user segmentation are included (limited to GA360-based user profiles).

Customer 360 Profile (Optional)

Managed customer 360 profile suite offering ID resolution and data consent management.

Media Strategy Insourcing
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