Quick Start on GCP: Get started swiftly with ready-to-use code and projects on Google Cloud Platform.

Model Tracking: Utilize Managed Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services.

Secure Model Publishing: Publish models securely on the Platform infrastructure.

IAM Management: Manage roles and permissions at user and domain levels, or via service accounts.

Environment Management: Handle multiple environments (dev, testing, staging, etc.) and monitor activities and changes.

Blueprint Versioning: Efficiently manage blueprint versions.

Automatic PR Updates: Stay updated with new versions (security patches).

Security: Adhere to the least privilege principle for optimal security.

What are the benefits of the ML E2E Pipeline?

Compliance and Transparency

Includes industry best practices as ready-to-use codes or templates, ensuring sustainable quality through seamless deployment on your infrastructure.

Composable Business

Standardize workflows and develop models efficiently without compromising integration or risking lower ROI due to productization.

Effortless Quality Assurance

Continual improvement and support by leveraging the blueprint repository of the Aliz Intelligence Platform to ensure technology is always current.

Technical Simplifications


Customize the ML E2E blueprint template with out-of-the-box tests, formatting, linting, static type checking, and CI/CD pipelines.

From Experimentation to Deployment

The ML E2E project blueprint covers all stages from experimentation to model deployment.

API and Serving

Fully integrated with AIP’s experiment management, pipeline, and model-serving tools for a seamless experience.

ML E2E Pipeline
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