Quick Start on GCP: Initiate your project swiftly with ready-to-use code and projects on Google Cloud Platform.


Data Transformation and Access: Transform GA360 events into actionable features with ready-made data pipelines and access and share features from a managed Feature Store.


Automated Model Management: Benefit from automated model retraining and deployment, and track models with Managed Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services.


Ownership and Control: Retain full ownership of the model and data, tailoring them to your specific business needs.

About the Solution

data analysis

Marketing Efficiency Measurement

Utilize propensity models to analyze marketing effectiveness across channels, improving investment trade-offs and marketing ROI estimates.


Cost Optimization

Increase ROI of marketing campaigns using propensity scores, leading to significant savings and more effective targeting.


Risk Reduction

Embed propensity models in applications for fraud prevention, service denial, or alternative product offerings, maximizing revenue and minimizing risks.

Technical Simplifications


Retraining and Batch Prediction Pipelines

Receive both retraining and batch prediction pipelines with the Propensity Modelling and Product Upsell blueprint, enhancing the model's adaptability and effectiveness.


Integrated Experiment Tracking

Fully integrated with Managed Experiment Tracking and Kubeflow Pipeline solutions, ensuring comprehensive experiment management and pipeline efficiency.

Propensity Modeling and Product Upsell: Enhancing Customer Engagement and ROI
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