Quick Start on GCP: Implement the solution swiftly with ready-to-use code and projects on Google Cloud Platform.

Ready-Made Data Pipelines: Transform GA360 events into actionable features effortlessly.

Managed Feature Store: Access and share features from a well-maintained Feature Store.

Model Tracking: Utilize Managed Experiment Tracking and Model Registry services for effective model management.

Ownership: Complete control over both the model and the data.

Seamless Deployment: Ensure smooth operation with deployment within the Platform infrastructure.

What advantages does the Secured Delayed Payment Option offer?

Risk Mitigation

Offers customer-centric payment methods while minimizing associated risks.

Campaign USP

Provides a unique selling point for campaigns by advertising the delayed payment option to appropriate customers.

Improved ROI

Reduces outstanding liabilities and associated costs, enhancing return on investment.

Simplified Technical Details

Model Deployment

The Aliz Payment Risk model is deployed using user profiles and transaction histories.

Risk Scoring

Each checkout page request is scored in real-time to assess risk levels.

Customized Experience

Payment and delivery options are tailored based on the risk score, ensuring a personalized customer experience.

Secured Delayed Payment Option
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