Quick Start on GCP: Quickly implement user activity tracking with Google Cloud Platform integration.

Consultancy Support: Gain invaluable insights and guidance with our consultancy service.

Ready-Made Components: Access a suite of pre-developed components for diverse use cases.

What advantages does User Activity Tracking offer?

Enhanced Customer Experience

By measuring online presence and analyzing customer journeys, you gain insights into behavior patterns, leading to more effective campaign launches.

Improved User Experience

Elevate user engagement and refine campaign planning through an enhanced understanding of user experiences.

Data-Driven Foundations

Create a base for future data-driven solutions with this rich, new data source.

Technical Elements Simplified:

Google Analytics

Set up and configure your account for comprehensive user activity tracking.

Tag Manager

Implement and manage event tracking with full setup and configuration support.

Google Ads

Create and manage your initial ad campaigns with our setup assistance.

User activity tracking
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