Adopt GenAI in four steps

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Step 1

about how GenAI applies to your chosen use case.

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where we strategize and outline the journey of your GenAI project from idea to production.

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a proof of concept.

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Scaling production
by adding more features to become enterprise ready.


See how GenAI applies

Choose a use case from our solution catalog that is the most suitable for your business needs, and request a demo from us, so we can present how GenAI is applied to it.



Brainstorming from concept to production

In the discovery workshop, our team of experts will explore how GenAI can address your business challenges by overcoming obstacles in idea generation and solution validation.

The goals of the workshop are

use cases that can significantly drive business value

whether the problem is solvable with GenAI

the availability and suitability of technology for each use case

the availability and sufficiency of the necessary data

the complexity of the project with the potential ROI


Example Use Case with Enova

Leading property management company in the Middle East

Enova, sought a solution for ticket and email classification, routing, and sentiment analysis. Our LLM-based system streamlined operations, handling diverse categories and processing thousands of emails monthly, providing actionable customer insights.

This showcases Generative AI's transformative impact on operations and customer relations.

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emails handled monthly


category types handled

Problem Categorization
Each customer email is assigned a single category that, alongside the contract for the given location, determines the problem priority and the assigned repair workforce.

Problem summarization
The human agents summarise the problem for the maintenance employees, who receive this short description as part of the work order.

Sentiment Analysis
As a separate value addition, Enova wished to see how sentiment analysis could help them in processing customer’s incoming emails.


Hands on experience

We make your most promising idea  real for you within a week in a form of a proof-of-concept.

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Becoming enterprise ready

Scaling and improving

Leveraging GenAI can be challenging since its non-deterministic nature, but our team of experts is here to help.

We commit to delivering a production-ready solution within a few weeks for every newly identified use case.

Let your new models do all the work

Optimal results

Maximized performance, optimized prompts, fine-tuned models

Smooth operation

Increased  robustness and stability

Enhanced productivity

End-to-end integration and automated workflows with your tools

In the future

Our GenAI solution will enable you to discover

how users interact with models

control their activities when needed

identify issues that block the utilization of your services

Continuous improvement

Our managed support teams help you to improve the GenAI-based services continuously and to keep costs low with our exclusive solutions.

Stay ahead of the competition!

Embark on the journey towards achieving GenAI excellence for your business.