Kickstart your generative AI journey with a 10-step plan

Not sure where to start with generative AI? See what your industry peers are doing and use Google Cloud’s 10-step, 30-day plan to hit the ground running with your first use case.


The executive’s guide to generative AI

AI’s impact will be huge. Yet right now, only 15% of businesses and IT decision makers feel they have the expert knowledge needed in this fast-moving area.

This comprehensive guide will not only bring you up to speed, but help you chart a clear path forward for adopting generative AI in your business.

In it, you’ll find:

  • A quick primer on generative AI.
  • A 30-day step-by-step guide to getting started.
  • KPIs to measure generative AI’s impact.
  • Industry-specific use cases and customer stories from Deutsche Bank, TIME, and more.
  • Dive in today to discover how generative AI can help deliver new value in your business.

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Google Cloud Gen AI Benchmarking Study, July 2023

"Generative AI opens up a new avenue, allowing people to think fundamentally differently about how business works. Whereas AI and ML were more about productivity and efficiency—doing things smarter and faster than before—now, it’s ‘I can do it completely differently than before’.”

Carrie Tharp
VP Strategic Industries